Chai - A Feel Good Drink

A Feel Good Drink

Chai is like a cup of cocoa – comforting, warm and relaxing.   In summer, it’s a tall cold glass on a hot day, a perfect alternative to a milk shake. The ideal Chai should be rich, creamy with the fully developed taste of Tea, Milk & Spices.  It shouldn’t be too watery or sugary-sweet.  Often this is what is served at many coffee shops and large chain quick-service establishments.  Why?  Because, more often than not, powders or syrups or concentrates are used whereas we start with Real Tea.  The aim is to produce a balanced cup where all 3 elements can be tasted individually yet combine together into one delicious taste.  

What Is Chai?

It began in India as a simple drink and reflected the individual tastes of families and geographies.  Typically, it's a black tea with milk, spices and sugar. Sometimes, just a bit of shaved ginger was added.  In other areas, green cardamom was the spice of choice.  Yet in others, it was a stick of cinnamon.  Over the years it evolved and Chai recipes today are limited only by one’s imagination.  The authentic Chai recipes in India call for boiling together water, tea, spices and sugar.  Strain the mixture and you have a perfect cup of Chai.  But steeping rather than boiling can also produce a great cup of Chai – the secret is to know the ratio of water to milk.

We began with a few basics – a regular Chai which we called the Original Blend, a non-caffeinated version and just one other.  Today, we offer multiple varieties.

Customer feedback has been an important driver in adding to our Chai selections as well as heightened publicity and interest in all kinds of Chai – lattes, shakes, floats, chai-infused chocolates, pastries and candy.

Iced Chai

Chai is a feel-good drink.  Warm in the water, iced in the summer, it is nostalgia and anticipation rolled into one.  Until recently, we operated a Tea Room in the Village of Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow where the town turns orange in October.  Pumpkins abound, haunted hay rides are eagerly awaited and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is narrated to honor Washington Irving’s legacy.  Our bestseller was Pumpkin Chai.

Here’s your guide on how to select from our many versions:

Chai – the Original Blend This is a perfect balanced mixture of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger & Vanilla. 

Chocolate Chai:  Indulgence in a cup.  Who can resist the decadent, comforting taste of tea, milk, chocolate and spices?  We keep this focused by adding ginger, cardamom and chocolate – both actual chips and flavor.  Our secret is a dash of Chocolate Syrup added to the cup once it’s been steeped full strength.

Coconut Chai – This is creaminess doubled, both from the basic Chai recipe and then from the added shreds of Coconut and Coconut and Vanilla flavors.  We added some Ginger and Cinnamon to this mix and it is a winner.

Herbal Chai – Experience the full taste of our Original Blend Chai with none of the caffeine.  We’ve replicated the blend on a Rooibos base which is South African red bush.

Temple Chai – Perfect for those who think the regular Chai is just too spiced.  This is a simple and fragrant selection – Tea, Green Cardamom and vanilla.  The flavors are clean, the aroma lingers and the cup is sweet. For those interested in organic ingredients, we also offer an Organic Temple Chai.

Turmeric Chai - All the goodness of Chai with the beneficial properties of Turmeric. Certified Organic.

Add some spice to your life – literally.  It’s good for you.  Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol and adds a natural sweetness to foods. Cardamom is used in Asia to counteract digestive issues such as nausea, acidity and heartburn. Ginger has been used throughout the centuries to combat motion sickness, pain, nausea and even loss of appetite. 

Here are some variations you may want to consider:
  • Add pumpkin puree to make Pumpkin Chai.
  • Add Fennel seeds to make Fennel Chai.
  • Add Black Pepper to give it that extra kick.
  • Add ice cream to iced Chai to make it a Chai Float.
However you make it - add some spice to your life and pass along your tips and recipes to your customers.
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