COVID-19 UPDATE: How Eco-Prima Tea is Responding

In these turbulent times, our focus is two-fold:  To keep our employees safe and to reassure you that our policies will provide you Tea that comes from a safe and clean environment.

Here are some of the policies we have initiated in our facility:

  • We have rearranged our space so that there is adequate distance between our packing tables in the warehouse and in our front office.
  • Although aprons and gloves were already mandated prior to Covid-19, we have now added mandatory use of face masks for all employees.
  • Social-distancing is maintained at all times by every employee.
  • Only 2 employees are allowed at the Breakroom at one time and additional chairs have been removed to prevent congregating.
  • Approved cleaners have been procured and added to our regular cleaning regimen.
  • A daily log is maintained with the temperature of every employee at the start of each shift and acknowledgement from each that no known contact has been made since the last shift with anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive.
  • Visitors have been suspended since mid-March and no pick-ups are permitted from the office.
  • Delivery personnel (UPS, Fed Ex, Truckers) are required to wear masks and gloves and only enter and deliver in a permitted area.
  • All employees are required to wash hands at the start of the shift, after restroom use, after meals and mid-afternoon.
  • All high-touch points are cleaned and disinfected daily. These include door handles, light switches, weighing scales, pallet jack handles, tape gun handles, calculators, telephones, computer stations including keyboards and mice, staplers, scissors, packing tables, refrigerator/freezer doors and other commonly used and shared surfaces. A daily log is maintained to ensure this is done.
  • Packing of Teas: A few extra precautions have been instituted but we continue to use only new bags and materials for packing. We do not re-use cartons, bags or labels. 

As new guidelines are issued by the CDC and New York State, we will adapt our guidelines to ensure a safe environment for our employees and for the Teas we bring to you. 

We are still experiencing disruption in our overseas supply chain for 2020 season teas but we expect those will be resolved in the next several weeks.  It does take us a bit longer to complete orders and we know that UPS is occasionally taking an extra day to deliver your shipment to you.  With the added cleaning and distance protocols, this is to be expected.  We are truly grateful to you for your patience and trusting us with your Tea needs.  We will not abuse your trust or take it for granted.

With Thanks from the Eco-Prima Team