Organic Loose Leaf Teas

Organic Black Teas We have one of the largest selections of Organic Black tea including the popular English Breakfast as well as single-origin teas such as Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon. Most are also certified Fair Trade. Lesser known but equally flavorful are Black teas from Nepal and Sikkim.
Organic Green Teas Organic Green varietals are included from several origins including China, Japan and India. They include well known types such as Sencha and Gunpowder and high-end premium grades such as White Monkey and even a hand-tied flowering tea. Some are certified Fair Trade.
Organic Oolongs Oolongs are not quite black or green but in-between. Our Certified Organic Oolongs are from China and India and they include both a lightly oxidized Oolong as well as a darker Oolong with long curled leaves. Our Moonflower Oolong is blended with a touch of Organic Jasmine. Our Darjeeling Oolong is floral and with a long-leaf style. They are also certified Fair Trade.
Organic Jasmine Teas Jasmines are scented at origin and not flavored teas. We offer both a leaf Jasmine as well as Jasmine Pearls. Several blends are also included, among them, one blended with Oolong and one with Mint. Most are also certified Fair Trade. Jasmines are excellent with food and should be an essential part of a tea company's portfolio.
Organic Pu-Erh Teas This is a tea named after the Pu-erh region in Yunnan. They have been aged. Leaves from ancient old forests with tall tea trees are often the origin of this tea. The flavor is earthy and sometimes considered an acquired taste.
Organic Decaf Teas Decaffeinated teas are scarce and difficult to procure. Our organic decaf teas are water-decaffeinated and from India. They steep a mild cup since the process of decaffeination robs the tea of some flavor.
Organic Breakfast / House Blends We offer all the popular well-known teas in an Organic version. Our best-seller is Organic Breakfast followed by Organic Irish Breakfast. Both are certified Fair Trade. Other varieties with different components of Black Teas are also offered.
Organic Flavored Teas All our Organic flavored teas use natural flavoring and are compliant with USDA organic rules. Organic flavored teas should be purchased in small quantities to keep the flavor fresh. The ingredients in our organic flavored teas are all certified organic including the botanicals that lend aesthetic beauty.
Organic Chai Blends Although "Chai" is the universal word for "tea" in many countries, the word CHAI in the U.S. has come to mean Spiced or "Masala" Tea, served already combined with milk and sugar. Our Chai blends start with real tea and authentic spices - no mixes or powders here. We offer two varieties on a Black Tea base and a couple on a non-caffeinated Rooibos base. We also have a popular Turmeric Chai in our collection. Chai blends are best-sellers and highly recommended.

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