Who We Are

Why Choose Eco-Prima Tea?

In addition to a great portfolio of teas, we pay careful attention to detail and provide personal and prompt service with efficiency and integrity. We enjoy what we do and you will see it in our interactions with you.


All of us can be stewards of the planet. We were early champions of the Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade movements. We believe in these principles and consciously make choices to be more eco-friendly. If this resonates with you, we can journey together on this path.

The Support We Offer

Tea does not sell itself. It requires knowledge on how to store, how to steep, how to serve. You are more successful if you know where it came from and how it was manufactured. You will differentiate yourself if you describe it well and offer alternatives. Adding some essential accessories to your product line will complete the experience. We will guide you through these steps and offer practical suggestions so you can position yourself as a knowledgeable tea vendor.

Our Certifications

We are Certified Organic and Fair Trade, experts in both wholesale and retail tea sales & members of the Specialty Food Association as well as the Organic Trade Association. We are speakers at Trade Shows, columnists for tea magazines and consultants to both start-ups and large tea companies. We are the U.S. representatives of the renowned Makaibari Tea Estates in India and direct importers. We were established in 1995.

Our Philosophy

We're here to help you grow your tea business. Whether you are established or just thinking of starting a tea shop, we can guide you to success. With a solid reputation for integrity and service, we do not focus on quick sales or indiscriminate selling. Our mission is to listen to you carefully, do it right the first time, educate and advise you and deliver what we promise. We will work with you on what to offer, how to increase sales in all seasons and be your partner in every aspect of the business of Tea.

Our Mission Statement

We listen to every customer and provide only  what’s best and most appropriate for that customer.

We do it right the first time. If we make a mistake,  we take care of it promptly and agreeably.

We use our first-hand knowledge of tea  to educate and advise our customers.

We are honest about what we promise,  what we procure and what we deliver.

We are committed to sustainability and are stewards of our planet.

Our Teas

We carry over 300 teas from numerous origins and in all grades - whole leaf, brokens and fannings. Finding teas on our site is easy - if Organic or Fair Trade, look for the icon right under the product listing. It will clearly indicate whether it is Organic only or Organic and Fair Trade. 

If you wish to sell a tea as Fair Trade, please select the pricing option that includes the Fair Trade premium.  If not, select the Organic-only option.

We provide tailored solutions for all your tea needs, whether conventional, Organic or Fair Trade. We offer you a risk-free guarantee on our teas and want to make sure you are happy with the tea you ordered.