We will be introducing a new Tea catalogue in the next few weeks. You will see several changes in both the selection and pricing. Both were necessitated by the continued disruption in the supply chain. Although the supply of tea is more stable now than it was a year before, it is more expensive at origin and there are still significant shortages of shipping containers and extremely tight vessel space. Botanicals and herbs are problematic in both price and supply so they may not always be available for sale.

We are making changes to our operations continuously to minimize adverse effects. We are bringing in more teas directly to our east coast warehouse to reduce transport costs and sourcing from a larger pool of suppliers. Selections will change as we receive our new shipments.

Highlights are as follows:

  • A more accurate listing of teas to reflect current availability.
  • Clear price and volume options.
  • Detailed listing on ingredients, particularly for flavored teas and blends.
  • Country of Origin information as appropriate.
  • Updated Certificates on the website that can be downloaded.
  • Organic and Fair Trade options where available.
  • Information on Storage and Shelf Life.

We will no longer offer a printed catalogue - our catalogue will be available as a .pdf download when it is finalized. We will reach out in a few weeks through a newsletter and include the link to download the catalogue. In the future, our website will serve as our most updated catalogue.

As always, we strive to answer phone calls personally and reply to e-mails and voice mails promptly. We are easy to reach and want to make your interactions with us pleasant and efficient. We are grateful for your business these past 25 years and hope the next year is more productive and profitable for all of us.

Your Friends at Eco-Prima Tea